PARNUTs/Sports Nutrition

What are PARNUTs?

PARNUTS, Foodstuffs for PARticular NUTritional uses, are foodstuffs for particular nutritional uses are foodstuffs which, owing to their special composition or manufacturing process, are clearly distinguishable from foodstuffs for normal consumption, which are suitable for their claimed nutritional purposes and which are marketed in such a way as to indicate such suitability. This could be:

  1. infant formula and follow-on formula;
  2. processed cereal-based food and baby food;
  3. food for special medical purposes;
  4. total diet replacement for weight control.

 Applicable legislation

  • Until 2016: Directive 2009/39/EC on foodstuffs intended for particular nutritional uses - The PARNUTS-Directive
  • As of 2016: Regulation (EC) No 609/2013 on foodstuffs intended for particular nutritional uses - FSG (food for specific groups) Regulation 

What are sports foods?

Sports foods are foods intended for consumption by sports people, containing nutrients that are used to assist in muscle build, muscle recovery, endurance training, electrolyte replenishment and other physiological effects.  Sports foods still fall under the PARNUTS-Directive. In due course the recently adopted FSG Regulation places Sports foods under foods and food supplements. The Regulation also  for data for the establishment of a special Sports Food Regulation in the future.

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