EHPM submitted its feedback on the use of aloe extracts in food and food supplements




EHPM submitted its contribution in the context of the feedback mechanism of the proposed Regulation amending Annex III to Regulation (EC) No 1925/2006 as regards the use botanical species containing Hydroxyanthracene derivatives (HADs) in food and food supplements.


In its contribution, EHPM reiterated its belief that the suggested ban of aloe extracts containing HADs would be disproportionate, considering the established history of use of the specific plants and their extracts without adverse events being reported, and the shortcomings of the EFSA scientific opinion providing the basis for this European Commission regulatory proposal. In its contribution EHPM detailed essential scientific remarks to the way EFSA approached and performed the risk assessment of these botanical substances.


EHPM is working together with academics and researchers who have studied the issue for years now in order to determine a tailored approach for EFSA risk assessment of botanical substances.

EHPM noted that a more proportionate measure would have been the mandatory warning label against the prolonged use as suggested by EFSA in its 2013 opinion. As Member States and the Commission are not in favour of this measure, EHPM suggests to at least put the aloe extracts under scrutiny (Part C of Annex III of Reg. 1925/2006) and to allow companies to provide additional data proving the safety of the products they have been marketing safely for decades.


Livia Menichetti, EHPM Director General, asserted: “I am glad to see on the EC portal so many contributions from stakeholders that share EHPM stance. I truly hope that the EC takes account of the contributions of companies and organisations in the sector.”


EHPM also wrote an accompanying letter letter to DG SANTE in which EHPM reiterated the difficulties companies are facing due to the Covid-19 outbreak and urged the Commission to stop the clock of public consultations that require an active involvement of stakeholders. EHPM called the Commission to use "common standards" regarding the postponement of regulations approvals and consultations for all the sectors impacted by this crisis.


EHPM contribution is available here


Download this file (EHPM Contribution_Feedback Mechanism Art 8 HADs.pdf)EHPM contribution [ ]408 kB

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