EHPM Quality Guide – Promoting Best Practice

Food Supplements must comply with all relevant aspects of food legislation in terms of composition, manufacture and control. In Europe, food supplements fall under the scope of European Parliament and Council Directive 2002/46/EC. In 2007, EHPM developed the first ever pan-European quality guide to help companies comply with EU laws and ensure the production of high quality products.

In December 2014, in order to take into account developments in manufacturing processes and latest best practice, EHPM published the second edition of its quality guide. Developed by a team of technical experts from the European food supplement industry through EHPM’s quality working group, the guide covers all aspects of production across the European Union from product concept through to manufacturing, quality control, packaging, distribution and storage – see process flow diagram below. It details both the legal and recommended production requirements from raw materials to finished products, and recommended requirements are based on examples of best practices, to help maintain the safe and consistent production of supplements.

The second edition of the guide features a series of innovations designed to increase its usefulness for industry, specifically:
A specific section devoted to botanical food supplements
– Checklists were developed that can be used to verify compliance with the standards set out in the quality guide of manufacturers, sub-contractors and raw material suppliers. Theses checklists that can be dowloaded from the EHPM website.
– A specific questionnaire for botanical preperation suppliers can also be dowloaded from the EHPM website.
– A section detailing the interaction between EU and national regulatory requirements for food supplements to assist companies understand the regulatory differences between EU Member States.

The EHPM quality working group continues to look for ways of improving the EHPM quality guide. The checklists and questionnaire available for download below will be updated regularly. Further editions of the quality guide will also be published as best practice develops. We encourage companies active in the sector to download the quality guide and use the tools developed by EHPM (checklists and questionnaire) to ensure compliance with the standards set out in the guide.