While the European Food Supplement Directive (2002/46/EC) has been an important regulatory tool for the European food supplement sector, regulatory improvements are still needed. Particularly:

  • access to market supported by a full implementation of the principle of mutual recognition as regulated by the new Mutual Recognition Regulation (Reg. EC 2019/515);
  • implementation of the pre-submission advice foreseen in the revised General Food Law Regulation “Transparency Regulation” (Reg. EC 178/2002);
  • REFIT of the Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation “NHCR” (Reg. EC 1924/2006);
  • appropriate use of Art.8 of Reg. EC 1925/2006;

EHPM proactively engage with the European Institutions and other stakeholders in order to find together solutions to these challenges that would unlock the full potential of the food supplement sector in contributing to healthier citizens and a stronger economy in the years to come.