EHPM welcomes the decision of the Danish Authorities to allow the term “probiotic” as a mandatory category designation for food supplements

The Danish Authorities published on the 11th of May 2021 a new guideline on labelling which authorises the use of the term “probiotic” on food supplements labels. The term can be used as a mandatory category designation for food supplements.

Importantly, the Danish Guideline specifies that the term “probiotics” can currently only be used on food supplements, but not on other foods or food ingredients. For ordinary foods, such a category designation is considered as a voluntary labelling claim and a statement of “contains probiotics” would be subject to the rules of the Claims Regulation.

Livia Menichetti, EHPM Director General, commented:

The decision of the Danish Authorities is coherent with the approach of other EU National Authorities which recognise the term “probiotic” as a product category. This is in line with EHPM position and will guarantee a correct information to consumers. These are the basis on which to build the EU harmonised framework for probiotics.

The Danish Authorities’ webpage is accessible here.