On the 6th of September 2022, EHPM submitted a strong and fact-based contribution to the Swedish Authorities’ TRIS notification concerning their draft measure amending the Swedish Food Agency’s regulations (LIVSFS 2003: 9) on dietary supplements Dnr 2018/02027 with regard to maximum levels for vitamin D and iodine.

With this draft regulation, the Swedish Authorities propose that the recommended daily dose of a food supplement placed on the market in Sweden must not contain levels of:

  • vitamin D exceeding 80 μg; or
  • iodine exceeding 200 μg.

Both levels are lower than the MPLs proposed by the EHPM Model and than the ULs recommended by EFSA.

With the help of its Members, EHPM submitted a strong and fact-based contribution to the TRIS notification, highlighting that:
The maximum permitted levels proposed in the notified measure of the Swedish Authorities are not established in a way referred to in Article 5 of Directive 2002/46, as they do not reflect the generally accepted scientific data. Moreover, a procedure is lacking to apply for placing on the market products containing amounts exceeding these levels. Therefore, it forms an unacceptable barrier to trade in the internal market.

Read more by downloading the EHPM contribution here.