EHPM held their 2018 Members’ Meeting in Budapest, Hungary on Thursday 5 July. EHPM would like to thank all those who attended and contributed to both the presentations and the organisation of the Meeting. The host organisation (HUDSA) provided a spectacular venue for the meeting in addition to a memorable tourist day experience on Friday 6 July. Sincere thanks to Istvan, Anna and the rest of the HUDSA team for a wonderfully organised meeting. The meeting was attended by 10 of the 13 EHPM members, a total of 26 people, the list of which is available below.

EHPM President Michel Horn and HUDSA President Istvan Berci opened the meeting in the Sofitel at 10am and provided an overview of the agenda.

EHPM Director General, Patrick Ahern provided the first presentation which presented a proposal for a new membership structure. The pros and cons of the different categories were discussed. The closing date for contribution to the proposal is 16 July. The second presentation on GDPR was given by Magdalini Selanikli. Magdalini presented an overview of the requirements outlined by the new GDPR regulation and provided a variety of practical examples that could be of help to members.The third presentation on EHPM’s Communication Strategy was given by Amy-Jane Troy. Amy-Jane presented the results of the members survey and discussed some planned changes for the 2018/2019 year.The final presentation before lunch was give by Antoine De Brosses. Antoine discussed the contentious Article 8 Risk Assessment issue providing insights from a legal perspective. After lunch, Bolke Koster from NPN presented on the PR strategy of NPN providing the members with some interesting ideas on how to maximise their PR strategy.

The following presentation was from the Chair of the Botanicals Working Group, Johnathan Griffith. Johnathan presented the members with an overview of the Botanicals discussion paper finalised in July. A discussion was held in relation to the next steps for the paper. The final part of the Members’ Meeting consisted of open speaking session for members to provide updates on activity in their country. Updates were given by HUDSA (Hungary), Federsalus (Italy), KRSiO (Poland), HFMA (UK) and Synadiet (France). The presentations and additional can be found below and all of the photos are available on our flickr and instagram.