Amy-Jane Troy


After graduating with a BSc in Food Business in University College Cork in 2007, Amy-Jane became interested in the area of health claims and consumer acceptance and completed

Amy-Jane Troy2021-06-03T13:07:22+02:00

Penny Viner


After a career in industry as General Manager of a company making licensed natural medicines, food supplements and cosmetics, Penny Viner spent 7 years as Director of

Penny Viner2023-03-22T18:14:18+02:00

Mirko Iannascoli


Mirko Iannascoli obtained a bachelor's and a master's degree in foreign languages from the University of Rome La Sapienza, specialising in Chinese language and culture. He obtained

Mirko Iannascoli2021-01-26T16:48:52+02:00

Bolke Koster


Bolke Koster started his career in the field of finance at three consecutive Amsterdam based companies. Bolke Koster has been working in the health products industry since

Bolke Koster2021-04-14T16:11:06+02:00

Cataldo Enrico Rizzo


After graduating in Political Science – Government & Administration at the University of Pavia, Cataldo Enrico Rizzo obtained a master's degree in World Politics & International Relations

Cataldo Enrico Rizzo2021-06-03T13:03:39+02:00

Livia Menichetti


After graduating in Political Sciences and International Relations at the University of Perugia, Livia Menichetti completed a Masters in International Politics and Diplomacy at the University of

Livia Menichetti2021-06-03T13:02:23+02:00

Michel Horn


For more than 40 years, Michel Horn has been the CEO of ORTIS Laboratories, a Belgian family owned food supplement company with longstanding experience in the field

Michel Horn2022-05-30T10:23:58+02:00

Nicolas Cappelaere


Nicolas Cappelaere has 35 years’ experience in the food supplement and pharmaceutical industry. He is a qualified chemist engineer and also has a Master in Business Administration.

Nicolas Cappelaere2023-04-04T17:01:41+02:00

Jonathan Griffith


Jonathan Griffith is the Managing Director and Quality Assurance Manager of the Natural Medicine Company Limited, a licenced pharmaceutical wholesaler of health products in Ireland.  He holds

Jonathan Griffith2021-05-04T16:46:12+02:00

Bartosz Demianiuk


Bartosz Demianiuk has been a Vice Chair at the Polish Council for Food Supplements and Nutritional Food (known better as KRSiO) since 2016. He has been responsible

Bartosz Demianiuk2020-02-24T15:45:25+02:00

Magdalini Selanikli


Magdalini Selanikli is regulatory affairs manager with the Greek company ISO Plus with specific responsibility for Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. She holds a bachelor degree in political

Magdalini Selanikli2023-11-14T10:42:11+02:00

Michel Horn


Michel Horn is co-founder of the EHPM. He served as EHPM President from 2017-2021 and since February 2021 as Vice President. Michel is also co-founder of NAREDI

Michel Horn2021-04-14T16:13:16+02:00

Harald Dittmar


Harald Dittmar has been the Managing Director of the German Federation BDIH - Federation of Manufacturers and Distributors for pharmaceuticals, health products, food supplements and cosmetics. A

Harald Dittmar2021-06-29T17:10:11+02:00

Martin Last


Martin Last is the founder of MPL Marketing Services and Anyone 4 Tea, and is a marketing consultant in the healthcare industry, focusing on food supplements and

Martin Last2021-04-14T16:08:58+02:00

Antonino Santoro


Dr Antonino Santoro graduated in Chemistry from the University of Messina in Italy. For several years he was responsible for regulatory affairs and business development at Rottapharm/Madaus,

Antonino Santoro2022-04-05T11:33:10+02:00